Friday, March 1, 2013

Kokeshi Inspired Art Doll

A Kokeshi Doll is a traditional Japenese doll.  It is normally made out of wood with a simple trunks and an enlarged head.  It has no arms or legs and the details of the "dress" are hand painted onto the doll.
My art doll is inspired by the Kokeshi Doll, it is pretty simple and straight forward with just a it of my personal flair.
I started out with a cardboard tube and a Styrofoam ball.
I covered both with Creative Paperclay and let them dry overnight.  Once the two pieces were dry I adhered the head to the body using E6000.
Then I painted the head with a flesh-tone acrylic paint and the body in turquoise   I sanded the Creative Paperclay before painting.
I added some shaggy black yarn for hair.  I also added the eyes and nose with a thin brush.
I added the mouth once everything was dry and instead of hand painting the detail onto the doll I wrapped it in some sheer fabric.

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