Friday, March 15, 2013

March Tip from Rachel Whetzel

It's no secret. I have a love affair with sandpaper. I use it all the time on my projects with Creative Paperclay® modeling material, and then I tried my hand at using Delight TM air dry modeling compound. So naturally, I had to try sandpaper with that too!! Sanding on Delight TM modeling material is totally doable! It sands similarly to a very tight grained styrofoam would. Not as smoothly as Creative Paperclay. I recommend using a fine grit sandpaper when sanding Delight TM modeling material. So there you have it! Now you too can feel the pull of the packages of sandpaper as you walk the isles at your local hardware store. I mean, I shouldn't be the only person with a sandpaper collection, should I?

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