Friday, March 8, 2013

Dawnmercedes' March Tip

As promised, here are some helpful tips for dying Delight ™!

Here is a magnet I posted last month.
Don't you love the color!
You can create all sorts of colors using your reinkers.

rubber gloves
Delight ™

I have found all sorts of uses for Frisbees. 
If you are like us, you'd have to be an Octopus to be able to use them all! haha

Why not put them to use in your craft room!
They are reuseable.
They are washable.
There is a lip to keep things "in place."
And, they come in all sorts of pretty colors!

Tear off a hunk of modeling compound.
Smoosh it a bit...and add some reinkers.
Get creative...mix shades of reinkers to come up with your very own green color!
Remember, start off light with your colors. It's easier to add more to go darker.
Getting it lighter...well, that's another ball of Delight ™!  

I used rubber gloves to protect my hands when kneading 
Delight ™.

Remember to store the extra Delight ™ in an airtight container.
Or...stay up late using it up on another project!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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