Friday, June 12, 2015

Art Doll

Hi, it's Ann here today with a new project, a Creative Paperclay® Doll.  I call her Wanda and she tends to get lost just like Waldo!

I am pleased to say that Wanda is made with some recycled pieces such as an empty pill bottle, some foil, and a new styrofoam ball.  Here she is:

To make her I started with the head which is essentially a styrofoam ball covered with a layer of clay. I rolled out several different sizes of balls to make the eyes, nose, lips, and ears.

I used a spray bottle filled with some water to adhere the pieces of rolled clay together.

The body of the doll is an empty pill bottle that I also covered in clay.

I formed the clay into a cup shape at the top.  By crumpling up foil I was able to insert that into the cup part to solid the neck and shoulder part.

I attached the head to the clay over the foil neck with extra rolled coils of clay and water.
I also usem spritzes of water to smooth out the doll as much as possible.

Once Wanda was dry I used a sanding sponge and some Sandits tools to even out any rough edges.

I used a collection of craft paints to colour Wanda.

For her hair I used ribbon and a hot glue gun.

Creative Paperclay® Modelling Material
Empty pill bottle (from recycling bin)
Styrofoam ball (Dollar tree)
Aluminum foil (Recycled pieces from my kitchen)
Sandits (thank you)
Acrylic Craft Paints "Craft Decor" from Multi Crafts:  Christmas Red, White, Flesh.
Pigma Micron pens in black and green.
Brown Ribbon Stamping' Up!

To look and find where Wanda has gone please stop by my blog :, and try to spot her!  Also stop by for more FREE project how to's.

Thank you for stopping by today!

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