Sunday, June 21, 2015

Lynda's Frame - AND Tip

Hello everyone - I am so excited to bring you today's project and absolutely love how it turned out!!!  I seriously can't wait to make a few more, let me tell you!!!!  This can be used either as a wall hanging, or on a small easel on your desk - depending on what YOU want!    

Supplies used for this project:
1 package Creative Paperclay
Flower molds
Xacto knife
White 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock
Flower paper
Sheet of chipboard 
Scrap paper
White paint
Twinkling H2O's - African Jade and Rose Gold

Directions to complete the project:

Flatten out the clay to the thickness you want.  I usually do mine fairly thin - but not paper thin.  

Taking your ruler and Xacto knife, make a square that is larger than the picture you are going to use.

Using your photo as a template, cut the inside of the frame first, and then cut the outside of the frame shown below.  

**Tip**  Cut the inside of the frame before you cut the outside piece.  This will assure you have a straight piece cut.  Also, try to use a ruler such as the one shown above, so you know the piece is straight.  

After the piece is complete dried (at least 24 hours, or in the oven for faster dry time) - paint the frame the color YOU want.  I chose white for my frame, but you can choose any color you wish.  

Paint the flowers - 2 are in Rose Gold, 3 are in African Jade.  Let dry.

After the frame and flowers have dried, starting with the chipboard, add the white sheet of cardstock to the chipboard, and then the patterned paper.  Add the photo, then the frame.  Finish up by adding the flowers, and the simple saying if you want to the bottom. (See picture above)

If you want to to hang it up, add the ribbon to the top right and left corners of the back - as shown below!  

Great project you can do for any person, as a gift, or just for yourself!  I am so happy with the finished result, I can't wait to send it - and make one for myself!  
Thanks for stopping by, and for more paper craft ideas, you can check out my blog here!
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 

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