Friday, June 19, 2015

Delight™—ful Bookmarks

In our house, we love books!! I think we have enough books to open a small library. Chloe could shelve the children's section with hers alone. She's always enjoyed pretending to read, telling a lively story, turning the pages of the book much like the library's story hour reader. Well, now she is beginning to read, and books have a whole new fascination.

Together we decided that a new reader ought to have bookmarks to go along with her books. We started with a ball of Delight™ modeling medium about the size of a golf ball. Chloe flattened it a bit and rolled it through our pasta machine (the one reserved for crafting). With every pass through the machine, we adjusted the settings to produce an increasingly thin strip of Delight™.

We set the strips aside to dry overnight. They curled a bit, but were easily flattened with a warm iron.

I used a paper cutter to trim the uneven sides, but you could as easily cut the strips with scissors. We decorated them each in a different way. This one we embossed using an embossing folder and Cuttlebug, then sponged acrylic paint over a stencil.

These we decorated using border punches. 

This bookmark was stamped. 

We also colored some of the Delight™ with acrylic paints before processing it through the pasta machine. Just knead a few drops of paint into the modeling medium for clay the color of your choice.

I think making your own bookmarks is a great way to encourage a child's interest in books and reading. 



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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Wow such a lovely idea, what fun too!