Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Glori's June Creative Paperclay® 2015


Glori's June Creative Paperclay®

Welcome back to the Creative Paperclay® Blog
Summer vacations are in and kids are out of school. Now if you take some time off during the summer lets make sure our tool are well taken care of. Yes some of the many tools out there are mainly design for the use of polymer clay and the composition of the Creative Paperclay® is way different so the tools will need more care and attention.
Polymer clay is oil base and Creative Paperclay® is water base so we need to have that in consideration when you are finding tools to convert to Creative Paperclay®
For example when your using metal items or wires make sure you clean your tools carefully after every use. Wipe it clean and remove any excess clay off the tool.
Dry the tool off and to protect it from any water damage wipe it with some baby oil.


I like to do this to all my Xacto or hobby knifes to keep the sharp and ready for my next projects.
Keeping the maintenance on your tools will allow you to keep them efficient, free of rust and ready for your next project. Doing this will allow your favorite tools to be use on both polymer clay to Creative Paperclay® and back many times over.
When you create tools dedicate only to Creative Paperclay® make sure you do a test on the metal to be use. You want to make sure is water and rust resistant so you don't end up with a disaster once the water base  Creative Paperclay® dry all over it.
A well balance maintenance and care after every use any tool can be used with the versatile Creative Paperclay® and last you a life time.
I hope this all my Creative Paperclay® crafters and remember if you do have any paperclay project  question you can join us at our Facebook Page by clicking here .
Stay tune for more tutorials coming soon
Have a great summer and lets keep crafting!

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Ann Strecko Koeman said...

What a great tip, I had not even thought of it myself. Thanks.