Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Tips from Lynda -

Hello everyone,

I have learned so much since being on this design team, I couldn't be happier, let me tell you!  A few things that are helping me to create fun - one of a kind projects:

  1. Water truly is my best friend when creating with Creative Paperclay product!  
  2. When you are making your product flat for things you are creating, cut a piece a bit bigger than you really need so you can flatten it to one size all the way around.  
  3. Create a few pieces ahead of time, or when you create other pieces.  This way you have them ready when you need them!  
  4. Have something you can use to keep track of ideas you want to make, such as a sketchbook or notebook.  Make sure to jot down specific details for use later on!  
  5. Find something you can keep all of your tools, finished up pieces, and things you use when you work with the product.  Having it all in one place is much better than having to find it all!  
Thank you so much for stopping by!  Look back at all the fun tips, and add them to your Pinterest page or notebook somehow!  See you in two weeks with my fun idea for the month!  
Lynda Jeffs
Creative Paperclay Design Team 

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