Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dimensional Lettering with Creative PaperClay®

Well, Summer is upon us and the school kids are dancing for joy with the teachers leading the parade!  Yes, it is that wonderful time of the year where we have no need for setting the alarm clock, flip flops are the shoe of choice, and "noodles" can be found in the pool....SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER(does anyone else hear music playing?)!!!

Why not make a sign to help declare our freedom?  Using Delight® Air Dry Modeling Compound, super lightweight lettering can be created.  And it only takes a few steps:

Take your Delight® Air dry and roll it flat (this can be accomplished with a rolling pin or a pasta machine).  Lay the flatten clay on your work surface.

Next choose the letters that you wish to use.  I found this wonderful set of alphabet letters in the Wilton aisle of my local craft store.  Cut the letters out and set aside.  Squish any excess clay bits back together and reroll.  Repeat until all the letters have been cut out.  Letters can air dry or be popped into the oven to quick dry (I think you know what I chose to do).

PLEASE NOTE:  Popping Delight® clay in the oven will cause the letters to puff up!  What a surprise when I opened the oven!!

Any rough edges can be cleaned up quickly with the SandIts® tool

After the letters cool, they can be detailed with acrylic paints or permanent markers.

Letters can then be glued onto a fabric banner, a wooden plaque, a box top, or into a tray.  Or add magnetic strips to the back and hang a sign on your refrigerator.

Enjoy your time in the sun or getting that extra sleep...Me?  I am singing along with Alice Cooper ;-)
Happy Summer! 

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