Friday, November 23, 2012

DawnMercedes' November Tip!

Welcome back to the Creative Paperclay ®!
Today I have a few tips about how to dry your larger

Earlier this month, I showed you a lovely cornucopia.
In order to keep this shape while my material was drying, I used thick, brown packaging
paper as some what of an armature.  I balled it up somewhat and used it to hold up the opening, as well as the "tail" of the cornucopia.  

I put plastic wrap underneath my piece  for the first two days of drying.
This way, the paper plate would not draw out the moisture.
Another good idea is to place the entire piece in a gallon bag or plastic shopping bag. 
This way, it will slowly dry out and reduce the chances of cracking.
After 2 days, I took out my formed piece and let it try without the plastic covering or the thick brown packing papers.

For larger pieces, you will want a slower, uniform drying time.

Here's another tip for that packing paper...
I used it to rough up the wet modeling material.
This gave interest and texture to my cornucopia.

In cased you missed the finished project, here it is:

I hope your are enjoying a peaceful...and well fed Thanksgiving weekend!
See you next month!

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