Thursday, November 8, 2012

Push Pin Toppers

I recently did a revamp of my Inspiration Board.  Basically it is a large bulletin board that I have covered with various brightly covered papers that hangs next to my desk.  I decided that my push pins needed a bit of a revamp too.  Most of the push pins I have are the one with a flat head and I tend to have a hard time pulling them out of the board.  So I thought it would be really cool to make something with Creative Paperclay that was 3D and easier to handle.

Items Used:
Craft Paint
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
Push Pins

 Make various shapes with your Creative Paperclay.  The sky is the limit with this project.  Let your inspiration take you where it will.

After I finished making my shapes I made an imprint of the head of the push pin on the bottom.  This will come in handy later on when you are gluing your push pins to your shapes.

After the shapes are dry you, paint your shapes using Craft Paint to match your board or decor.

Once the paint is dry it is time to glue your push pins into place.  Start by squeeze a bit of Hot Glue into the imprints on the bottom of your shapes.  Be careful not to squeeze too much glue into your imprints or it will overflow.

Next push your push pins into the glue.  I used tweezers to do this, to avoid burning my fingers.

Here are some close ups of my finished push pins.

Here are the finished push pins on my board.

In closing, I would like to thanks Creative Paperclay and Terri Sproul for the opportunity to serve a second term on this wonderful Design Team.  I am looking forward to a great term. -- Annie Bella

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Dawn Mercedes said...

What a cool way to dress up a board. My kids all want bulletin boards...this might be a fun stocking stuffer!

rachel whetzel said...

Love the colors you painted with! This gives me an idea... hmmmmmm...

Barbara Rankin said...

Love your revamp of your bulletin board push pins. I might have to give that a try on my own bulletin board.

Kelly Donovan said...


Musings on Realities said...

so cute!!