Monday, November 19, 2012

First tip Nov.

(I'm a bit early but I'm leaving Tue. for my trip.)
Tip for Nov
Being on the Design team we need to do tips also

Here we go If you go the the  Creative Paperclay® Company
There is allot of project to make.
There is gals that are very advanced clay workers.
Here is my tip.
I have not been doing allot of  projects. There for I do not have allot of tips
My tips 
When you  are painting,thin the paint with water if you are using acrylic
and smooth the edges if you missed some rough spots
If using Oil use turpentine. 

 This the rough edge
 If the edge is not too much I would use a paint brush and paint ,
This edge is too much so I use the edge of a sponge

Or here is how to use a craft sanding block

I hope this will help some one.Maybe some one that is just starting.
Some time the more experienced forget about the new one .Any way hope it helps

This is a peek at Dec new design team project.
 Remember I like fake food.

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