Wednesday, November 7, 2012

First creative design team

Hi everyone

Hope you enjoy!!

This is where you can purchase
The best clay

"Creative Paperclay® modeling material" 

This my first design for the 
Creative Paper Clay design team.
supply list
Delta Cereamcoat
Water base Varnish
Folk Art
country red
Rolling pin
Ice pick
Piece of paper
Leaf mold                                 Lets get started

I have design what I called
conversation tray
Some time it is hard to get a convert ion started
for holiday and partys.
It is allot of fun to hear what children think about different

Clay Projects

We start with the tray
I draw the shape on a piece of paper
Take a piece of clay roll out on a flat surface
roll it to fit your drawing.
I flip it a few times so it does not stick
also a powder can be sprinkle on surface
 Draw the vines and roll the edges 
to looks like a turned leaf.
Round the edges smooth.

 Draw the vines and roll the edges 
to looks like a turned leaf.
Round the edges smooth.
 Roll a small bit of clay to make a branch for handle. Roll as long as you want your handle.

I place something under the handle to hold in place. When it is where you like it add a small amount of water to make it stick.
You can use your finger or a brush

 Now we stat the leaves
Roll ball to get flat .On a flat surface.
I use a piece of Plexiglas surface to roll on ,with same kind of rod.
 I cut out of paper a leaf shape

 A ice pick works good to cut out the leaf
Much easy way is to use a mold 
 A more easy way to shape a leaf is to use a mold
 Base the whole leaf with paint
Both sides with the color Country red
Brush the edges with pumpkin .and straw.
When You get the leaf the way you like it
Let is dry
Seal with water base  varnish (I like the gloss for the shine)
Glue a piece of a tree branch or can be made with clay
Write your message on a piece of paper ( I rip the paper for a torn edge) and glue.
 I do the same for the tray.
Add a ribbon
The size can very.
I did it small I do not have allot room on my table and a few quests.

A better look .

 Here is the back.I only use a short message

 I also made some to lay around my center of the table
 There is some in my willow tree
These leave could be made into name  cards. They would look good glued to a napkin ring

 Thank you for coming and looking at my design.
My daughter will use them for her Thanksgiving
I will be in New York for the macy dad parade  (If they have it)

I hope you leave a comment

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